Moving Day, Legal Sway and Magazine Dismay

Justin April 4, 2016 1

I was supposed to go Opening Day today, but the weather interceded. And so, I had a free day. What did I do?  Probably not enough.

We’re moving in about 10 days. We spent most of yesterday packing. We cleaned out the front closet. We cleaned out the storage spaces in the living room. We brought 7 bags full of stuff to Goodwill. We packed up 5 boxes worth of stuff. And yet, I feel like we’ve done nothing. We have so much stuff and its everywhere. How is it possible that we haven’t even made a dent?

Which brings us back to today. All of a sudden, I had an open day. It’s the perfect time to get some more packing done. So, what did I do? Well, I started by sitting on the couch in my pajamas till noon. Then I went out and ran some errands. I made a few phone calls (setting up cable, transferring insurance to the new apt, cancelling my membership to the gym in the city.) Then, I decided to do some packing. I packed some clothes into a suitcase. I packed some more into a duffle bag. I looked at our drinking glasses and decided which ones to take and which ones not to. And then…. nothing. All that packing took about 15 minutes. I just found other things to do with my day. I ate lunch. I bought Guns N Roses tickets. But I didn’t pack. Why?

Part of it is because Danielle is better at this than I am. I’ve lived in this apartment for 8 years. I spent 6 years in the one before this. She’s lived in 5 or 6 apartments during the same time. She knows how to pack stuff up.  She’s also way more organized than I am. I don’t want to just start throwing shit into boxes without rhyme or reason. And that’s exactly what I would be doing if I tried to do this without her.

But, that’s bullshit.

The real reason is I’m paralyzed.  I’m just staring at all this stuff that has to be packed and moved and I don’t know where to start. So, I don’t. I just sit here and panic. Then I throw a sweatshirt into a bag and act like I accomplished something.

Sports Illustrated: April 4th, 2016:




A follow up on something I wrote last week:

I discussed my fear, as a soon-to-be father, that my child would eventually want to play with my toys and I, as a respectable adult, would have to allow it.

Well, Beltway Buddy to the rescue.

Our longtime friend and reader responded with a text message about his autographed Nicolai Volkoff wrestling figure (It’s a doll)

Here’s a picture of a non-autographed version, in case you’re a visual learner


Anyway, Beltway Buddy says he keeps his autographed Nicolai Volkoff figure sits on the top of his liquor cabinet and the kids know they get timeout if they touch it.

YES! That is legal precedent! When my child grabs for my Lil’ Penny toy I will confidently cite Beltway Buddy v Beltway Buddy Jr et al. Because there’s nothing that toddlers respond to better than legal precedent. At least that’s what BB said.

He may have meant it sarcastically. It’s hard to tell in texts.


What a thoroughly uninteresting issue of Sports Illustrated. I read none of it.

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