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Justin March 28, 2016 2

Do you guys remember Lil’ Penny?

Well, at the height of Lil’ Penny mania I got a Lil’ Penny action figure. (Let’s be honest, it’s a doll.)


And ever since, I’ve had it sitting on my bookshelf.

Now that we’re moving and getting ready for the baby, I’ve been doing some packing and throwing some stuff out.  And that got me thinking about my Lil’ Penny figure (it’s actually a doll.)

I have no intention of throwing out my Lil’ Penny. He will continue to sit on my shelf like a gargoyle, guarding the section where I keep my books about the Kennedys. But what happens when my kid becomes old enough to play with toys?  What happens when he or she notices my Lil’ Penny and wants to play with it?  Is it my responsibility as a father to let my child have my Lil’ Penny figure? (Seriously, it’s a doll.) Because it’s my Lil’ Penny, and I don’t really want to give it away.

Also, if our child turns out to be a boy, I don’t think I want him playing with dolls (It’s an action figure.)

Sports Illustrated: March 28th, 2016



Baseball preview! It’s my favorite issue of the year. I haven’t had a ton of time to read it yet, but here is one thing I noticed. SI has the Red Sox finishing 2nd in the AL East and the Yankees finished 4th. But, all the scouting reports on the Red Sox preview page focus on the fact that they still don’t have any pitching and neither Hanley Ramirez nor Pable Sandoval are going to be any good.  And the scouting reports in the Yankees preview talk about how they’ll have the best bullpen in the league and how they’re starters may be surprisingly good and how they have a solid offense. So, why are they picked to finished behind the Red Sox?


Easter by I don’t know, Jesus I guess.

I celebrated my first Easter yesterday, with Danielle’s step-mom’s family.  It was fun.  I ate quiche and cheesy potatoes and french toast casserole. I finished 2nd to last in the Easter Egg hunt against all the little kids. I got some ears.


Ultrasounds by Mount Sinai West Hospital

Danielle’s at 20 weeks. WE’RE HALFWAY TO A BABY! We went for an ultrasound today. They project all the images up on a screen while they’re doing it.  But the technician we were with had no bedside manner whatsoever. I couldn’t tell if what we were seeing was good or bad. And she had no emotions. She didn’t even react to me when I turned on the charm! At one point she couldn’t get an image of the baby’s brain.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I can’t find the brain.” she said.

“OUR BABY HAS NO BRAIN?!?!?” I panicked.

Never fear. Our baby has a brain. and arms and legs and a spine and a face and lips-all the greatest hits of body parts.


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