Cable Chase, CD Case and Goodbye with Grace

Justin March 7, 2016 0

And, so, we’re New Jersey bound.

Here’s something annoying- after a life spent listening to (and learning) everything Bruce Springsteen has ever recorded, when it comes time to think of the exact right song to play as I return to my ancestral homeland of New Jersey, all I can come up with is… Bon Jovi and that stupid “Who says you can’t go home?” song.   And I don’t want to play that right now.  You don’t want to listen to it. So, I’m sorry. No music this week.

We’re moving to Union County. It’s a very nice area full of lovely little communities with cute downtowns. Our place is across from a park and within walking distance to mass transit. We have a little balcony to sit outside and enjoy the suburban silence.

It sounds great.

And we’re moving just in time for this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.56.25 PM

Come on!

The cable change is really the thing that has given me the most agita.

I’ve never been a fan of Time Warner Cable. Go to the search bar to the right and type in Time Warner. A number of posts will appear, none with anything complimentary to say about TWC.  But, as they say, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

A new cable system means I’m going to have to learn new channel numbers. I’m going to have to get used to a new DVR system.  Are there specific HD channels or is everything already HD? I don’t know. Do all the regional sports networks (except for YES, obviously) get grouped with the ESPN networks or are they further up the channel lineup? Is there Red Zone? Oh god, what if there’s no Red Zone? In what way will the Comcast customer service be terrible?  Because it definitely will be.

Sports Illustrated: March 7th, 2015



With a few exceptions here or there, it’s been probably 10 years since I’ve bought a CD. That’s probably about 2 years longer than the rest of you. I was slow to embrace the idea of digital music. But, in the 15 years of my life that I was an active CD buyer, I built up an impressive collection. It was something I took a lot of pride in. I spent a lot of time curating the collection, putting the albums in the proper order-chronologically, by genre, even autobiographically (which means I put grouped them in a fashion that only I understood.) I’ve also carried this collection with me through 4 different residences, each time, boxing up the 500+ CDs and carrying them to a new place. They currently reside in a nice dark brown bookcase in our bedroom.  But, I’ve finally wizened up.  I’m finally ready to get rid of the jewel cases I’ve dragged around for most of my adult life. Today, I went to Best Buy, found the CD section (which is now tiny and hidden in the back of the store,) and located the shelf where they sell CD binders. I grabbed two, one which holds 400 CDs and one that holds 250.  Then I went to checkout.  If no one owns CDs anymore and Best Buy barely sells them, how are these binders still 40 bucks a piece?  I was expecting to spend 15-maybe 20-total.


Ode To Joy by Rick Reilly

Reilly writes a really good profile of Steph Curry and the rest of the Warriors. He was once a great writer. This is a reminder of this time. It helps that he’s profiling such a likable bunch.  I watched that Warriors/ Thunder game on ABC a couple of Saturday night’s ago. It was the best basketball game I’ve ever seen in my life. A sheer joy to watch.

Downton Abbey by Julian Fellowes

Danielle loves Downton Abbey. I have watched it enough with her over the years to have been interested in watching last night’s series finale.  Every single character got a happy ending. EVERY SINGLE ONE! At first, I was a little bothered by that. It seems a little easy, a little pollyanna-ish. But then I thought about how every other “great” show has ended recently. Walter White is dead and Tony Soprano is maybe dead and Don Draper lost his mind and I’m sure everyone died on Boardwalk Empire (I don’t know. I thought hat show was terrible.) It’s exhausting! So, Downton Abbey ends with everyone happy? That’s a nice change of pace.

SNL with Jonah Hill and musical guest Future

Is it possible that Jonah Hill didn’t remember he was hosting SNL until sometime Thursday night? That might be the only explanation for why he seemed so completely wooden and surprised by every poorly written line in every poorly written sketch throughout the entire episode. And he didn’t bring back one of my top 5 all time recurring characters-Adam Grossman, the 6 year old Benihana customer who speaks like a mix of Garry Marshall and Carl Reiner.


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