Arbitrage Betting: Wagers with Insurance?

The Koala December 17, 2015 0


Arbitrage sports betting is a way for advanced gamblers to not only minimize their risk of loss, but guarantee a profit on practically any event. Arbitrage betting is a system for taking advantage of odds differentials at different bookmakers, strategically placing wagers on both sides of the bet in order to assure some profits for the bettor, and although the skills required can be difficult to master, they can also be highly lucrative if properly utilized.

Basics of Arbitrage Betting

As detailed in this sportsbook banking guide, arbitrage betting is a relatively simple concept which can be most easily explained using a straight up bet on a boxing match as an example. In this match, Boxer A is slightly favored and so a bet on Boxer B will achieve a more attractive return on investment.

However, two bookmakers may disagree on exactly how much of a chance at victory Boxer B has, and by comparing the two odds bettors can determine exactly how much to invest with each bookmaker for a small profit with either result.

This method can also be used with other types of wagers such as spread betting, and dedicated arbitrage bettors can even bolster their winnings by opportunistically monitoring the constantly changing online odds and wagering additional money accordingly.


Or course, arbitrage betting is rarely as easy as it sounds, and there are a number of common factors that can throw a carefully organized arbitrage plan into chaos. One common limitation is a wagering cap set forth by a bookmaker to limit potential losses, and this can make it difficult or impossible to take advantage of favorable odds at a given bookmaker as a guaranteed offset for an arbitrage betting system.

Other limitations can stem from the bookmakers themselves, as they have the freedom to cancel bets where mistakes were made, leaving arbitrage bettors exposed to the risk of a standard bet on the other side. They also frequently adjust odds to promote the most possible action on the wager, and so ideal opportunities for arbitrage betting can last just minutes if not mere seconds. Bookmakers can even cancel the account of a consistently winning player in an effort to protect his business, and this can be a crippling blow to a meticulously planned arbitrage scheme.

Another difficulty for many aspiring arbitrage bettors is the investment of time it takes to fully exploit a well-crafted system. Skillful arbitrage betting involves an enormous dedication of time and resources, with many practitioners using the concept to earn a sustainable living, and many even use subscription-based software to help them monitor betting opportunities around the clock. Winning with arbitrage betting is a fairly reliable option when compared to other wagering types, but doing it well can become a full time job like any other.

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