Begin the Begin: HBO’s Hard Knocks 2014 Week 2

Justin August 12, 2014 0

Robin Williams is dead. Lauren Bacall is dead. Week 2 with the Falcons, let’s hit it.


– The episode opens with undrafted free agent Roosevelt Nix-Jones (GREAT NAME!) breaking a tackle sled, scoring a TD in practice then  getting cut. And that’s even before the credits.  Once the episode gets going, we see all the rookies reacting to the news that one of their fellow first year players is no longer around.

-Let’s talk about Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff. He looks like a surfer punk who works at a Starbucks well into his 30’s, not someone I would trust my multimillion dollar franchise too. He’s also friends with Lance Armstrong, which does not reflect well on his character.

-Bryan Cox was a linebacker. Why is he defensive line coach? I suppose that’s similar to Dave Duncan being a great pitching coach for 20 years after spending his career playing catcher.

-More fighting! This time, Ra’Shede Hageman fucks up his hand by punching a teammate in the helmet then cries.  Mike Smith finally yells at his team about all the idiotic punching. Last week, I said this team seems like a bunch of dummies. Coach Smith might see the same thing I do, and he’s going to try to fix it.

-“I’m sorry I pegged you in the face with an ice cream sandwich”  – a thing I just said out loud in my house. This is not Hard Knocks related, but I thought I would share.

-And now they fight with the Tennessee Titans in their first joint practice. Jesus.

-Matt Ryan finally shows up, 18 minutes into the 2nd episode of the season. Then, just like that, he’s gone again.

-Fucking Mike Smith is now telling his team to fight other teams. He’s as big a dummy as the rest of them. We are verging on the edge of unlikable here.

-Its summer in Atlanta, yet injured linebacker Sean Weatherspoon is wearing a ski cap. But, don’t worry, he’s going to mentor the young guys. Right into hypterthermia.

-In discussing the season ending knee injury suffered by 5th rounder Marquis Spruill, Mike Smith says its a tough break for a young man who has worked his whole life to achieve something, then with one injury it all changes. Smith catches himself and says, “for 2014 at least,” but the message is clear. That kid is not an NFL player.

-Harry Douglass is pretty comfortable with his wife;s belly getting rubbed by Roddy White. Douglass says its White pressuring them to have a kid. I think Roddy White is copping a feel.

-Rookie Ricardo Allen discusses a testicle injury he suffered. Its terrifying. But then he puts on an ugly Hawaiian shirt and goes on some sort of nature daredevil hike with his girlfriend which ends with a zipline. Also terrifying.

-Tyler Starr seeing his young son for the first time in awhile- that was nice.

-Prince Shembo – Another GREAT NAME

-Following the Falcons pre season win over the Dolphins, Bryan Cox smokes a cigar the size of a firework. And he gives his theory on men with no vices (They are all serial killers and polygamists.)

-The poolside conversation between Cox and two other coaches is cool to hear.  Its just shop talk, with some cigars and some gatorade.



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