Making My Case, Shoes With A Face, And LeBron Back In His Place

Justin July 21, 2014 0

I don’t know if I’m an asshole or not.

I’m not talking about life in general. I think all of us are assholes sometimes.  Other times, we act like whole asses (HEYOOO!) In this case I am considering a specific incident, which happened last week.

At about 10:15 am on Thursday, I was walking down Lexington Avenue near 84th street, trying to hail a cab. For whatever reason, cabs were not particularly plentiful at the time. so there were a few other people on the street doing the same thing.  At one point, I saw a woman standing in the street, on the southwest corner of 84th and Lex, with her hand in the air in obvious cab hailing position.  “She’s got this corner,” I thought to myself, so I turned down the side street and started walking west.  When I was about halfway down the block, an empty cab turned onto the street. I hailed it, jumped in and got on my way.  This brought me right past the woman, who was still standing in the same spot I saw her in, half a block away.  When we passed her, She looked right at me in the backseat and said, “You’re an Asshole!”

And as those words reverberated through my skull for the rest of my ride, I wondered to myself, “Am I? Was that an asshole move?” I honestly don’t know.

Let’s work it out together.

Arguments for the prosecution:

-She had been standing on that corner before I arrived on the scene, waiting patiently for a cab,

– If I had not gotten into the cab in the middle of the block, it is a near certainty that it would have still been vacant when it reached her and she would have gotten in.

Arguments for the Defense:

-My express intent when turning down the street was to NOT steal a cab from the woman

-She was not even looking at 84th street. Her eyes were focused on cars coming down Lexington Avenue.

-I walked AWAY from her and happened to find myself closer to an available taxi.

-If she had wanted the cab I got into, she should have also walked towards it.

-She can go fuck herself

From this unbiased observers perspective, it looks like I’m in the clear. If anyone is an asshole in this situation, I believe it was her. What are your thoughts? Respond in the comments on on twitter, @justin_scp

Sports Illustrated: July 21st, 2014

photo (19)


First of all, a clean image of this week’s Sports Illustrated cover is unavailable on the internet, so please enjoy the above photo taken on my coffee table. Secondly, I did not have time to really read Sports Illustrated this week, so I’m not going to write about it. Instead, I’m going to talk about shoes. More specifically, my new pair of Stan Smith’s, provided by our friends at JD Sports.



In the summer, I like to wear a nice pair of light, low top white sneakers when I’m walking around. They’re neater than flip flops or regular athletic sneakers, but they still look casual enough to wear with shorts. In the past few years I have had a pair of no lace converse all stars, which fell apart, and a pair of converse Jack Purcell’s, which don’t have a ton of support. The Stan Smith’s solve that. They look casual, but are made for tennis, so they have support.  Also, they have this picture on the tongue, and it makes me smile:


If you’re looking for a pair of summer sneakers, I like these.


Back to the Future by Lee Jenkins

Here are some thoughts on LeBron

– I love that SportsIllustrated broke this story. ESPN dedicated all of its resources to the LeBron story for two solid weeks. Their reporter Brian Windhorst is essentially a LeBron reporter. And yet, when push comes to shove, they’re scooped by Lee Jenkins, who, instead of endlessly speculating, reached out to LeBron’s camp and was able to get the story. Maybe if all of ESPN’s reporters hadn’t spent all their time on television talking about where he would sign, they may have had the time to make the phone calls necessary to actually find out.

-One more ESPN point: When the story first broke, everyone joked that Chris Broussard would go on tv and claim to have confirmed it. It was a joke, based on the fact that he is a terrible reporter who always claims to have sources who confirm stories after the actual story has already been thoroughly reported. My favorite example is when Deron Williams tweeted out a picture of a Nets logo, THEN broussard went on air to say his sources told him it was a done deal.  His sources are TWITTER. Anyway, everyone made the joke that he was going to pull the same thing this time. AND THEN HE ACTUALLY DID:

– Call me naive, but I actually buy the fact that LeBron is doing this because he wants to go back home. Sure, he got a ridiculous amount of money and signed a two year contract which will allow him to get even more money in 2016, but I like the fact that he talked about wanting to be back among the people who helped raise him. And I totally except his explanation of his four years in Miami as his version of college, where he learned what it will take to lead a team to the next level.


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