Wisconsin and Arizona play a classic with a controversial ending

King Ing March 30, 2014 0

In what might have been the game of the tournament (maybe Wichita St and Kentucky was better), Arizona and Wisconsin put on a show for the world to see. Back and forth they battled and at the end the Badgers came out victorious.

Not before ending with some controversy. Throughout I thought the referees were horrible. Missed calls, wrong calls, and then this. Nick Johnson driving at the end of the game and called for an offensive foul. Have to give it to John Gasser for selling the push off.

Then a mere seconds later this happened. Wisconsin inbounding the ball and Aaron Gordon repeatedly jumping over the baseline and the review that seemed to take forever about who’s ball it was.

Aaron Gordon

Maybe it all evened out in the end, but what should have been a game for the ages was marred by bad officiating. controversial

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