Cris Cyborg needs more Muay Thai training after losing at Lion Head 14

King Ing March 30, 2014 0

The once unbeatable Cris Cyborg has now been beaten for the first time in nine years. This time at Lion Head 14 in a muay thai battle with undefeated Jorinna Baars. Maybe she should head over to the Suwit muay thai training camp in Phuket, Thailand to hone her skills.

In what was a great fight, Cyborg showed she has an iron chin. She was just unable to land that famous knockout blow.

Maybe this loss was a blessing in disguise for fans of MMA. She now doesn’t have the leverage she once had and it might force her to leave Invicta and head to UFC for that super fight with Ronda Rousey. It would be the battle everyone’s been hoping for.

Only time will tell and all we can do is sit back and hope that this loss doesn’t hurt, but help the chances of seeing the megafight at a future UFC event.

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