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Gambling on everything from the Super Bowl to golf, it’s clear that when celebrities come out to play, they play it big! The list of top personalities who place wagers keeps getting longer. From six-figure wins to career ending missteps, the following celebs are just a few who love to wager on sports.

Phil Mickelson:

One of the all-time winners was a $20,000 wager placed by left handed golf pro, Phil Mickelson. In August 2000, just prior to the NFLs 2000-2001 season, Phil bet 20K that the Baltimore Ravens would win the Super Bowl in 2001. The Baltimore Ravens just happened to be big-time underdogs, with NordicBet livescore odds at 28-to-1 against them for winning in the XXXV Super Bowl. Phil’s reasoning was that he was impressed with the new player acquisitions that the Ravens had made during the off-season. The only one who didn’t appear the least bit surprised when the Baltimore Ravens crushed the NY Giants during the Super Bowl, with a score of 34-7, was Mickelson. Phil also wound up a big-time winner, pocketing $560,000!

Floyd Mayweather:

Speaking of the Super Bowl, rumour has it that Floyd Mayweather (well-known for his sports-play antics) may have wagered $10.4 million during the 2013-2014 season on a Broncos’ win. Although the wager was reported by the gambling networks, this information has not been substantiated. However, what is well documented is Mayweather’s passion for sports betting, as well as his inclination toward gambling extremely large sums of cash!

Charlie Sheen:

Excessively wealthy and prone to excess, Charlie Sheen creates media mayhem wherever he goes. Having made (quite literally) millions of dollars per episode while filming the “Two and a Half Men” sitcom, Sheen doesn’t seem to have difficulty spending his earnings. Martin Sheen is an avid sports-gambler, who has recently formed a partnership with a betting site.

Michael Jordon:

As far as seven figure bets go, Michael Jordan is another celeb who enjoys sports-gambling with a passion. Reportedly worth upwards of a half-billion USDs, Jordan has placed some jaw-dropping stakes, particularly on the game of golf. It can’t be denied that the all-time greatest basket player enjoys winning! As a super-competitive and hyper-confident athlete, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Michael Jackson gets an adrenalin rush from sports-gambling!

Pete Rose:

Just for the record, what was one of the most disastrous celebrity wagers ever? In1987, Pete Rose gambled between $2,000 and $10,000 on 52 games, during the Reds Major League Season. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that Rose confessed he was, in fact, betting on his own team! When he admitted during an ESPN interview that he was placing a new wager every evening, he stated “I believe in my team.”  This belief, along with his compulsive need to bet on their wins, caused him to suffered losses on several fronts.

So there you have it, just a few of the winning (and losing) celebs who love to bet on sports!

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