Best skateboarding locations on the East Coast

The Koala February 27, 2014 0

Brooklyn skateboarding

While many skateboarders will point to the West Coast and San Fran as the skating capital of the world, there are more and more people taking the pilgrimage to some of the skate park mecca’s on the east coast. With the increased police crack-down on skateboarders on the West Coast, limiting the places where riders can carve, the scene on the East Coast has enjoyed a very vibrant growth. From the skateboarding legends at that were a part of the Z-Boys team based on the east coast, to the more recent names like Mike V, the east coast has always had plenty to contribute. There is something very distinct and unique about the scenery on the East Coast, what better way to enjoy it than to grab a cruiser and take in the killer scenery on your board.

Here are some locations you will definitely want to check out on the East Coast:

Those in Brooklyn won’t hesitate to point to Brooklyn Banks, located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge as one of the classic skateboarding spots. Stretched along the three-blocks is an incredible mix of stairs, handrails, and wall ride spots of varying heights.

If you are in Philadelphia, the iconic Love sculpture in Love park is the place where you will find every skateboarding obstacle to satisfy your cravings. The circular layout is perfect for carving long lines with a cruiser along the smooth granite. You also have a great mix of short and tall ledges, benches, and handrails, and how could anyone forget about the water fountain right in the centre of it all- perfect for huge jumps as you land in the basin.

Perhaps one of the most unlikely but up-and-coming skateboarding cities on the East Coast is found in the conservative insurance capitol of the world, Hartford, Connecticut. Unlikely as it may seem, Dan J. Dziuban, who is the part owner of Theory Skate Shops in southern Massachusetts, joins the growing number of skateboarders who make a weekend trip to Hartford and skate all day. One reason for the sudden spike in skateboarders is the support of the city; “We’re cutting edge,” says H. Scott Phelps, the president of the Greater Hartford Convention and Visitors Bureau. The city police are known to be extra friendly toward skateboarders and give them plenty of leeway. Phelps adds that, ”If they’re not damaging property and spending money in our community, that’s what it’s all about.’’ It is not surprising then to see professional skateboarders Tim Upson, Donny Barley, and Brian Anderson come out of a city with this kind of an attitude.

For those that are looking for a camp to really immerse themselves into a skateboarding experience, Camp Woodward not only have locations in California, but also in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania with the East Coast flavor. 2013 saw professional skateboarder from Texas, Ryan Thompson make an appearance and sharing all his tips and tricks with the campers. The camp is huge and offers plenty of great packages.

With 66 acres of facilities, Ohio Dreams is the second largest street sports camp behind Woodward. Their week long summer programs never fail to impress as they continue to bring in the best pro skate instructors from all over the world. There is no way you will run out of courses at this place. Enjoy what the Ohian landscape on the East Coast has to say about skateboarding.

So whether you are looking for a one day, a weekend, or a week-long skateboarding experience on the East Coast, be sure to check out some of these skate park havens and enjoy the uniqueness that can only be found on the East side.

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