Russian Speed skater strips off after victory

The Koala February 17, 2014 0


olga-graf-600Speed skater Olga Graf may have won Russia their first medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics, but she will probably be remembered more for her wardrobe malfunction than for her sporting achievements.

The 30 year old speed skater had just clocked a time of 4 minutes and 3.47 seconds which saw her placing third and was clearly surprised by the result. So surprised that she completely forgot she was naked underneath her suit and unzipped to cool off. Unfortunately she realized her error a few seconds later and sheepishly secured her suit once more. For many this accidental flash was the most exciting thing that’s happened in the Winter Olympics, and there were definitely some viewers who were disappointed that Olga stopped at her bellybutton.

For Olga, taking home the first medal for her country was tantamount to hitting the jackpot while playing iphone casino games  as Russia had struggled in previous skating events. As Olga slid to victory the crowd roared (and we sure when she unzipped her suit they roared louder)  she clearly didn’t think twice before attempting to cool off. She said afterwards that she totally forgot she wasn’t wearing anything underneath and that after you finish a race all you want to do is cool down. She also didn’t think it was such a big deal, even if the video does end up on YouTube. Talk about getting good exposure for your sporting career!!

The Winter Olympics has been plagued by wardrobe malfunctions, although Olga definitely takes gold when it comes being the sexiest.  Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring also suffered a wardrobe malfunction of a different kind when he discovered his race suit didn’t fit properly and posted a pic on Twitter of his belly sticking out. Fortunately race organizers quickly found him a bigger suit, perhaps recognizing that his wardrobe malfunction wasn’t nearly as attractive as Olga’s.

After Olga’s display in the first race all we can say is…roll on the next woman’s speed skating event!!

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