7 year old Bengals fan writes a get well letter to Kevin Huber and hopes the Steelers player loses his house

King Ing December 17, 2013 0

Nicholas Andrew Johnson is a huge fan of both the Cincinnati Bearcats and Bengals. So when he saw punter Kevin Huber get lit up and injured on Sunday night he had the great idea to write a get well letter. So thoughtful, especially during the holiday season.

Oh wait. He hopes the Pittsburgh Steelers Terence Garvin loses his house and has to live in his car!!!

 Kid letter Bengals punter

Just in case you didn’t see the vicious hit. The Bengals had to go out and sign Shawn Powell to replace the injured punter.

Wonder if there will be any hangover from this?

I look for the guys to be fired up against the Minnesota Vikings as they are not only playing for the division title, but the number 2 seed and the all important bye in the AFC. Actually give me all the teams playing for playoff spots against non contenders in a parlay. Lions, Bengals, Dolphins, and Cowboys. If you like that or have your own ideas just click to benefit of the latest sports betting promotions.

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