Connecticut Sight, Quarterback Might and Teammate Fight

Justin November 25, 2013 0

I didn’t take a picture. I should have.

On Saturday, my girlfriend and I were driving up to a “cabin” in Connecticut for a quick weekend away. I put cabin in quotes, because it wasn’t actually a cabin. It was just a house on a lake. I feel like a cabin should be made out of logs and have only one room and have no electricity and be drafty.  Our cabin had wi-fi and nice furniture and an espresso machine. But, since its late in the season, the cable company had already turned off two of the boxes and limited the third to just the most basic channels. So, ROUGHING IT.

But, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the sign.

We saw the sign on the side of a local road, after we had already completed the vast majority of the drive.  Earlier, we had stopped at a rest area, where a fellow driver warned me that our passenger side front tire looked a little low and I should put some air in it. “Thanks,” I said, while panicking on the inside. I know where to go to put air in a tire. And I know how to the air pump mechanism works. But I have NO IDEA how much air should go into a tire. Thankfully, Danielle does. So, After I took the twisty thing off the air putting in spot, she got down on the ground and filled the tire. When we got back in the car, I complained about how my hands had gotten dirty from touching the tire. Later, she built a fire in the cabin’s fireplace, while I stood back and watched. BECAUSE I’M A MAN (ish.)

But, we’re here to talk about the sign. That crazy sign. I saw it on Saturday and didn’t get my phone out fast enough to take a picture. Then when we passed the spot again the next day, it was gone.  It’s a shame, because I had spent all the time in between trying to come up with instagram captions and hashtags I was going to use when I posted the picture of the sign.  “This is the spot in Connecticut where they sell white rappers. #CTThuglife.” You would have laughed and laughed when you saw that on instagram or twitter.

It was simple. Just three words on a wooden sign in the parking lot of a tiny little country store that’s probably not even open on Sundays:




Cheese. Liquor. Hip Hops.

What else could you ever need?

Sports Illustrated: November 25th, 2013




This week’s scorecard column is an article-length copy about the Brady-Manning rivalry, complete with so many sidebars and infographics you’re head will spin. At the time I read it, I thought it was a little bit of overkill. Then the Pats and Broncos played an epic last night. (At least that’s what I read today. I turned it off at halftime.)



Underrated by L. Jon Wertheim

Wertheim profiles Alabama QB AJ McCarron, who is somehow underrated despite leading the Crimson Tide to two national titles and being in position to win a third. He comes off very likable in this story- humble, down to earth and setting himself up to be successful, whether as an NFL QB or a guy who glad hands throughout the state of Alabama for a living.

‘SC In The House by Alan Shipnuck

Despite the title of this article and the blurb at the beginning, I had no idea going in if it was about men’s basketball or women’s basketball. The photo at the beginning, which shows USC coach Andy Enfield speaking to a room full of women doesn’t help. Turns out he’s the men’s coach, speaking to a room full of sorority girls.

The Mile High Makeover by Sarah Kwak

A profile of new Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy and his upstart young team. But, WHOOPS, the goalie just got arrested for domestic abuse and his girlfriend says it’s happened numerous times. Ok, Sarah Kawk must have thought, let’s just drop that fact in the middle of this article, insinuate that the woman is lying by pointing out that her lawyer wanted money for an interview, and then keep on writing about how great the Avs culture is now. WHAT?

And The Games Went On by Tim Layden

Tim Layden writes about the NFL’s decision to play games just two days after JFK was killed. Except, no he doesn’t. He writes about a fistfight between two guys on the 1963 Eagles. He tried to link it to the emotions the players were feeling after the assassination of their President. But, he did not achieve that goal.

Point After by Phil Taylor

Taylor weighs in on the N word controversy. Its a good column.

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