Old Flakes, Kobe’s Aches and The Ultimate Stakes

Justin October 21, 2013 0

A couple of months ago, one of my co-workers retired after more than 30 years with the company so he and his wife could go live on a coffee farm in Hawaii that they had bought a few years ago.  In the weeks before his retirement and relocation, the guy spent a lot of time cleaning out his house and getting rid a lot of the shit that he’d accumulated over the years. Some of it he tossed in the trash, some of it he sold and some he gave away.

He and I were not particularly close and it had been a few years since we worked together directly, but, over the years, we had bonded over sports. We’re both Yankee fans and Giant fans and that was something we always talked about.  So, when he was cleaning out his house, he found a couple of things he thought I might like and gave them to me.  They’re both Wheaties boxes, one featuring the 1990 Superbowl champion Giants and one with the ’96 Yankees.

It was a very nice gesture. These are cool pieces of sports memorabilia that I would certainly like to find a way to put up in my apartment somewhere.  But, they’re also 20 year old boxes of cereal that I don’t want to bring into my home.

Are you supposed to open them or keep them in “mint condition” with the old bran flakes inside? Do they sell cereal box frames? If I remove the cereal and flatten the boxes am I committing an act of collector abuse? Would it actually be cool to have these things displayed in my house somewhere, like on a bookshelf or on top of my  dresser?  Or is that ridiculous?

I have a lot of questions. So, for now, both boxes sitting in a locker at my office while I try to figure out what to do.

Sports Illustrated: October 21st, 2013



FSU QB Jameis Winston gets the “Big Board” treatment this week. My girlfriend went to Florida State so now, after a lifetime of hating college football, I find myself giving a shit all of a sudden. It certainly helps that the team I have all of a sudden started caring about it a national power with a dynamic quarterback. A few weeks back, FSU shut out Maryland 63-0. A few of our most loyal readers are Maryland alums. I asked them if I was allowed to talk shit about the game since I’m now dating into the FSU family. The answer, in no uncertain terms, was NO!


Reflections on a Cold-blooded Career by Lee Jenkins

Kobe Bryant FASCINATES me. He always has. He’s like a sociopath who has thankfully found an outlet through athletics. I’m part of an NBA keeper fantasy league that’s now in it’s 11th season. Our draft is in a few hours. Kobe has been my keeper every year. I considered not keeping him this year because I’m not sure when he’ll come back from his ACL injury or what kind of player he’ll be when he does. I was hoping this article would help answer that question. It didn’t. But I decided to keep Kobe anyway, at least in part because I’m worried that, if I don’t, he’ll somehow find out and make me suffer.

Sweet As Honey by Jim Trotter

Trotter profiles Tyrann Mathieu, the oft-troubled honey badger who is now making a positive impact as a rookie on the Arizona Cardinals. I’m glad that he’s managed to turn his life around, but I’m fascinated by the idea of someone going to rehab for pot.

Words with Pedro Martinez by Tom Verducci

This must have been a tough interview for Verducci to score, considering he and Pedro were co-panelists on TBS this post season. I know it’s somewhat sacrilegious for me to say, but I like Pedro. And I think he’s made a good transition to TV.  He’s been able to clearly communicate opinions that only a once in a generation pitcher can have. And he’s got a pleasant personality.

The Love Song of Bison Dele by Chris Ballard

Wow. I can’t believe its been 11 years since Bison Dele vanished. And Chris Ballard does an amazing job of re-telling the wild story of his life and death.

Point After by Steve Rushin

It’s good.


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