Peyton Manning As Good As Ever At Age 37

King Ing September 26, 2013 0


We are just three weeks into the NFL season, but Peyton Manning is already looking as good as he ever has. The Denver Broncos are out to a 3-0 start, and he has thrown 12 touchdown passes in those games to get off to the best start in NFL history. While his fantasy football numbers are out of this world, Manning has a Super Bowl ring on his mind. Can the future Hall of Famer keep this up through February?

When Manning signed with the Denver Broncos prior to last season, he knew he was entering a pretty good situation. The team has stepped it up a notch in 2013, adding Wes Welker to his stable of wide receivers. Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas have stayed impressive, and Manning seems unstoppable with these three flanking him.

A quarterback can only do so much when it comes to Super Bowl runs, but the rest of the team is not all that shabby either. Defensively, they are solid, and should get better when Von Miller returns from suspension. The running game has even looked up after a tough start to the season.

The neck issue is always going to be a risk, but Manning has done a solid job playing without fear early on. He rarely runs, meaning that his chances of getting hit are much less than the majority of quarterbacks in the league. What he may have lost in athleticism, he is making up for in both brains and overall arm strength. His arm was weak at times in 2012, and his fantasy football numbers took a dip at the end of the season. He will be ready to finish strong in 2013, and that means trouble for the rest of the league.

No one knows how much longer Manning can do this, but in 2013 his team looks like a true contender. Not many 37 year olds are in the running for MVP, but if the season ended today, he would be a near unanimous pick.

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