Black Friday: HBO’s Hard Knocks Week 4

Justin August 28, 2013 0

My Sports Illustrated NFL preview issue came today. That means we’re inching even closer to the regular season. ┬áThat also means we’re inching even closer to the end of the latest edition of Hard Knocks. How’s it going with the Bengals? Let’s dive in.


-We call this week’s posting Black Friday, because this is the week when lots of guys are going to get cut. Guard Otis Hudson is first, ten seconds into the episode. ┬áHe’s very matter of fact when he gets the news. He looks like someone who has been through this before.

-We visit Domata Peko’s home. He’s helping his kids get ready for school while his wife makes the family an incredibly unhealthy meal of eggs, corn beef and sausage. They definitely need landscapers. The front of their house is atrocious.

-The Bengals practice at a local high school. The locker room is small. There’s a hot air balloon floating overhead.

-Margus Hunt, the d-lineman from Estonia, has the hint of an accent. I find myself focusing more on that than on what he’s actually saying when he has conversations.

-Mike Nolan has defensive tackle Devon Still into his office for a heart to heart. Still opens by saying he has no aspirations beyond football and is just trying to be happy with his backup role. Nolan tries to goose the kid’s ego and build him up a bit. Last week, Adam (not Pacman) Jones said Nolan is like his father. Now I see why.

-The veteran defensive linemen also try to impart wisdom on the younger guys. It’s cool to see.

-Da’Quin Evans tells his life story (south central, juvenile detention, single mom.) It’s right out of an NWA song. The coaches and his teammates are blown away by his hands. He has great hands. I’m not totally sure what that means when you’re watching a defensive lineman.

-Lightning and Thunder sends the Bengals scurrying off the practice field. TWICE!

-And now we’re touring a bunch of houses. First Andy Dalton, then Mike Zimmer. (Zimmer has the line of the night. While looking at a picture of himself shaking hands with Bill Clinton, he says “There’s the President getting the chance to meet me.”)

-Dalton’s wife would be annoying to sit near at a game. She stands up and yells and says “Come on, babe!” during every play.

-And now, the cuts. Marvin Lewis takes time to talk to each player. He once again proves that he’s a class act.

Linebackers coach Paul Guenther looks like a character that a comedian would play in a shitty movie


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