Landon Donovan tries on a pair of sunglasses during Gold Cup game

King Ing July 22, 2013 0

One might think the US Soccer team would have homefield advantage playing in Baltimore. The El Salvador fans had a different idea in mind as they bought up a bunch of tickets and let their presence be known.

Down 5-1 the supporters of “El Selecta” decided it was time to throw things as Landon Donovan tried to take a corner kick. In an incident where someone could’ve gotten hurt, USA’s #10 decided to make light of the situation and try on a pair of sunglasses that found its way onto the pitch.

Very funny. What’s not funny is how the team is playing. Just playing as one cohesive unit. If this keeps up I can’t wait to see what happens with their 2014 World Cup odds. Actually go visit to find out for yourself.

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