Guy falls off a Budweiser truck during 2013 Preakness InfieldFest

King Ing May 20, 2013 1

So now that you can’t do the Preakness Port-a-potty run anymore, one has to find other idiotic things to do in the infield for entertainment. Check out this guy trying to climb down after his fun on top of a Budweiser truck.

He’ll feel that for a week or so.

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  1. Priya December 14, 2015 at 2:26 pm -

    Now that Danielle holds all the power in the house right now, I sincerely hope she gets Dan out! I hope Shane and Ian get F2 and Ian wins the pot-of-gold. I don’t relaly like the way Ian has acted over the past few weeks and I even stopped watching BB, until last night, because I wanted to watch Dan use his evil powers of persuasion to get his way, and he did it yet again. My wanting Ian to win is based purely on the fact that Ian has been relentlessly used throughout this entire game. He is simply a naefve young man who is looking for friends in all the wrong places. I believe that he nominated certain HG and evicted certain HG because he was honestly terrified of Dan. I find it strange that a coach would intimidate someone who is younger than he, but that’s exactly what I have observed Dan doing to Ian throughout the game. You would think that a coach would be encouraging and considerate to someone who is younger than he, but that’s not the impression I get from Dan regarding Ian. In fact, I have received the opposite impression from Dan regarding Ian. It’s relaly disappointing that BBP would throw a bunch of newbies in the game that have zero BB knowledge of the game, or its previous players, and then wait a few weeks to allow the coaches to reset the game and enter as players. The newbies had a big disadvantage this season, because they had already bonded with their coaches and were leery of trying to form new alliances. The coaches were basically floaters for the first few weeks, because they didn’t have to compete for HOH/POV or struggle to remain in the house. How can BBP justify that? At this point, I personally feel that BB14 is the biggest disappointing season in BB history!

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