Baseball Funk, Not a Punk and Driving Drunk

Justin May 13, 2013 1

I’m sitting on my couch right now, watching game 2 of a doubleheader between the Yankees and Indians. And I’m shocked to realize that this might be the first baseball game that I’ve actually sat down and watched all season.

Baseball is undoubtedly my favorite sport (followed, in order, by basketball, hockey and then football.) The Yankees are somehow in first place, despite fielding a roster of retreads and rookies I’ve never heard of. So, why am I not watching?

It could be because I’m caught up with the Knicks and Rangers. Both of my winter teams are in the playoffs and that’s a lot more important than early season baseball. Maybe its because my social life has picked up a bit recently, so I’m not home every night to watch. It could be that I haven’t gone to the Stadium for a game yet this season. I have a partial season ticket plan, but my first game isn’t until the end of the month. In past seasons, I’ve gone to games early in the season and been sucked in from the get go.

But what if it’s not that? What if it’s something worse? What if, god forbid, I’ve become a frontrunner? Going into the season, I had resigned myself to the fact that the Yankees weren’t going to be good. At best, I figured they would finish 3rd in the division and not really contend for a playoff spot. Is it possible that once I got that into my head, I subconsciously decided not to bother caring about baseball this year? And, even though the Yankees have been surprisingly competitive all season, I haven’t been able to flip the switch back to its usual baseball loving position.

I grew up loving the terrible Yankee teams of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Obviously, that all changed in 1995. The Yankees have made the playoffs every year but one since my junior year in high school. Am I spoiled? Have I become everything I dislike in the general sports fan population?

I hope not. But right now, a shortstop I’ve never heard of is playing behind a starter who I vaguely recognize and I’m not sure what team is in 2nd place in the AL East.

I’m worried.

Sports Illustrated: May 13th, 2013


Grant Wahl has decided to write about how professional soccer will deal with an openly gay player. Why? Who cares? Has anyone in the past few weeks thought about Jason Collins and then said to themselves, “yeah, but what if he were a soccer player?” The answer to that question is no. Grant Wahl forcing soccer down my throat at all turns is the worst part about being a Sports Illustrated subscriber.

Jaw Dropping by Michael Rosenberg

I feel like I’m supposed to hate Sidney Crosby. But, I don’t. He seems like a guy who is evolving as a player and a man. He’s not the spoiled brat that he’s always been painted to be. At least he doesn’t come off that way in this excellent profile by Michael Rosenberg (whose mother is friends with my dad’s cousin.)

Saving Race by Tim Layden

article about the Kentucky Derby- NOPE. Not gonna read that.

Space Odyssey by Chris Ballard

This article, about the role of three point specialists in the NBA playoffs, is interesting enough. But, contained inside it is a sidebar about Stephen Curry, who has been the most interesting character in this year’s post season. Why doesn’t he get the full profile treatment, complete with a look at his Golden State teammates and his relationship with head coach Mark Jackson? ¬†That would have been a better use of magazine pages.

Drinking and Driving and Dying by Thomas Lake

This is an amazing piece of writing. It’s informative and emotional without crossing the line into “too much.” Please read it.

The Risk Worth Taking by Ben Reiter

On the A’s decision to sign Yoenis Cespedes to a big money deal before last season. A really good combo article about the front office philosophy and the player himself.

Point After by Steve Rushin

I’ve seen a few stories about this UNH shot putter who gave up his senior season to donate bone marrow to a dying stranger. It’s certainly a great story, but I don’t think the sports angle adds anything to it. Would this guy be any less heroic if he were just an economics major? Does giving up your senior season of throwing shot put really make that much difference in your life? It’s not like he was going to make his living that way. All he did was stop throwing a weighted metal ball a few months earlier than originally planned.





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  1. John May 13, 2013 at 5:14 pm -

    1. I saw last week that there are two covers this week – Northeast got Crosby, and I think out west they got a cover featuring Curry. So that makes it extra strange that it’s just a sidebar and not a full profile.
    2. Loved the Cespedes article.
    3. Your social life has picked up recently? Tell us more…

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