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Justin May 6, 2013 0

Here is a question that I, a grown man, asked another human being, who happens to be an employee at a store that sells greeting cards.

“Umm.. excuse me.  Do you guys have any baptism cards that are maybe a little less religious?”

I’m trying to be a functioning adult. I swear to god I am. It’s just really hard sometimes.

Sports Illustrated: May 5th, 2013


Lee Jenkins writes about the efforts by officials in Sacremento to prevent the Kings from leaving town. I don’t really have a horse in this race. I never like it when teams relocate. But, I also think its kind of ridiculous that Seattle doesn’t have an NBA team. Is expansion such a terrible idea? You have a city that has proven in the past that it can support a team. Why can’t everyone win?


Jason Collins is Gay by Jason Collins with Franz Lidz

This article didn’t really have a title, so I named it myself. There’s obviously been a ton of coverage about this already. I’ve even written about it already. I’ve read the essay. I’ve followed all the subsequent coverage. both intelligent and idiotic. I’ve listened to a few interviews with Collins. But there are some questions I still need answered.

1- You said to came out to friends and family starting the summer before last. Were any of those friends NBA players? How did they react?

2-You’re brother says he was completely shocked by the news. How is that possible? Did you ever think that, deep down, he knew?

3-Have you ever been attracted to a teammate? (note: this is not a question I’m particularly interested in, but it’s always been the issue that people bring up when saying they would be uncomfortable with a gay athlete. So, why not ask it and get it out in the open?)

So, Here We Are At Last… by S.L. Price

This was a very thoughtful companion to the Collins essay. I’m really happy with the way Sports Illustrated has handled this entire situation. I feel like, if Collins had come out to ESPN, it would have been a ridiculous multi-platform “media event” with follow ups on Good Morning America, Nightline and who knows what else. And when you consider how ESPN managed to screw the coverage up without Collins’ cooperation (Chris Broussard,) I can only imagine how bad that would have been.

The Panic Room by Peter King

King brings us the play by play from inside the St Louis Rams war room as they make their moves in the first round of the NFL draft. The team makes no secret about how much they wanted Tavon Austin. And they celebrate when they get him. This seems like it would be great leverage for Austin’s agent when it comes time to negotiate his rookie contract.

From Russia With Love by Sarah Kwak

Alexander Ovechkin is good again. Is it because he met his fiance or is it because he switched to the right wing? Sarah Kwak seems to indicate that both have had an equal impact.

The Prose Pro by Daniel Okrent

Fun fact: Daniel Okrent invented fantasy baseball. Another fun fact: He is an INCREDIBLE writer. So, it’s fitting that he writes a tribute to Red Smith, who Okrent says is the greatest writer in sports history.

Wanted: 1.2 Billion Basketball Fans by Pete Chamel

A somewhat interesting story about whether or not a giant basketball player from India can break in that country the way Yao broke in China.

Point After by Michael Weiner

I will not pass judgement on an essay about the author’s battle with cancer.

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