Lets Talk Robert Lewandowski

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To go alongside the speculation that Jose Mourinho may return to Chelsea is one of an insane amount of rumors about players planning on a transfer for the upcoming 2013-2014 season. As of today, the Daily Mail has suggested that Mourinho is trying to get Robert Lewandowski, who subsequently is the target of several top clubs throughout Europe.

I would be lying if I told you that my influence is primarily due to his four goal haul against Real Madrid – as that has obviously enhanced the reputation of Lewandowski. He was pretty good prior to single-handedly destroying Real Madrid; but since that outing he has made his way to the spotlight. This has caused Bayern and Manchester United to both send him some warm looks of admiration.

If I were to gamble, I’d definitely throw some money down on him signing with Manchester United at some point this summer. It is likely that Wayne Rooney could be on his way, leaving Sir Alex Ferguson with a significant need to upgrade his team in order to remain in contention. There were some obvious problems with the midfielders this season, but those can be overlooked with a developing second team and some key acquisitions. I am expecting that Ferguson will forego the development route and try to stock is team with some real scoring threats.

After the game against Real Madrid, Lewandowski became a scoring powerhouse. Chelsea needs this, so I would really appreciate it if Manchester United would keep their paws off the world-class striker. Luckily for me Falca and Cavani have been linked to Manchester United in recent conversations much more than Lewandoski, so it looks like the interests is waining, if it’s there at all. For me the ideal situation would be to have all three, but I would clearly take Lewandowski over the other two any day of the week. We have all witnessed his potential to score goals, and fantastic ones at that, but his true value comes from clever play and awe-inspiring touches around the goal. He is capable of dropping deep to drag away his defenders, or he can drift wide in order to open up space. He has technique and vision that few others in the sport have today.

He is exactly what Fernando Torres aims to be. Chelsea’s is clearly going through a major overhaul, and having such a versatile player who can play so many different roles would certainly help not only in the short term, but to have a veteran scoring presence that can lead the development of some of the second team. With a leading line featuring the likes of Oscar and Mata supplying creativity, and creating space along with movement for Andre Schurrle and Moses, I have to say it’s a bit of a dream to me. But we have all learned that rumors in the football world are nothing more than that, until they come to fruition.

It would be nice to say that I have confirmation that Mourinho is having night caps with Lewandowski and making late night phone calls in an attempt to woo the Dortmund striker, but as far as the resources go, we don’t have evidence of much. Much like cable news, I’m hearing more about the turf soccer shoes he will be wearing next season than anything of real substance, like where he might play.

I do think there may be some truth to the vague rumors we are hearing, and clearly I have my wants for the upcoming season, but at this point it may be too early to tell and the rumors may be just that. Fingers will remain crossed until we know one way or the other.

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