Why Sportsmen use HMB

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Modern day top athletes are always striving to improve their performance and over the last two decades diet has become a major player in getting the best out of your body.

While a steady diet is essential to maintaining your performance, supplements such as HMB have been found to actively increase your body’s ability to step up to the next level.

HMB (Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) is metabolite of the amino acid leucine that naturally occurs in the body and helps boost muscle protein retention. However, the natural amount in the body is too little for top performing athletes and therefore the HMB micronutrient is taken on top of a regular diet.

Extensive studies of the supplement have shown that it works by delaying the breakdown of your muscle protein while stimulating growth of tissue. There are also beneficial health effects such as lowering your cholesterol.

It is a reliable substance alongside a protein rich diet of fish and chicken and doesn’t affect how and when you eat.

In fact, HMB requires regular intake rather than large one-time doses and athletes can expect to take just three grams of the substance per day. Over a three-week period studies have shown HMB can enhance strength of core muscles while it also aids the burning of fat in muscle cells.

The dual benefit of this supplement means not only can bodybuilders use HMB to improve their physique but also marathon runners and extreme sports enthusiasts, who take it to boost their levels of fitness.

The supplement has been proven to decrease your chances of muscle fatigue and soreness over long periods of physical activity, so that pro football, ice hockey and basketball stars – who play at the elite level two or three times a week – will take HMB for reasons such as increasing strength for speed, boosting recovery time and aiding upper body movement.

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