Skim Scam, Scott Shot and A Silver and Black Comeback

Justin April 22, 2013 0

You can not get a gallon of normal skim milk in New York City on a Sunday Night. It’s nearly impossible. And on the occasions when you can find one, the expiration date is usually like 3 days away. Thats a lot of milk to drink in 3 days.

This is the situation I found myself in at the Fairway Market last night. I was staring at the near empty dairy case. I considered buying a gallon of 2% milk. But, I didn’t want 2% milk. I considered buying a half gallon of skim. But then I would have been right back there buying milk again in a few days. I did NOT consider buying 2 half gallons, which, in hindsight, probably would have been smart.

I was about to give up when I looked over a few feet and noticed a gallon of what was called “locally sourced” skim milk. Problem solved. Then I got to the cash register. The locally sourced gallon of skim milk that I ended up buying was twice as expensive as a regular gallon of skim milk.

As far as I can tell, locally sourced milk is not any healthier. It’s not organically produced. It’s not pasteurized in any special way. It’s just from fars within 75 miles of the city.  It gets to the market quicker, so in theory, is fresher than regular milk.

But, if its produced closer to the market, then it should cost less to ship it. It spends less time in portable refrigeration. Why isn’t it cheaper than regular milk, then?

Locally sourced is clearly a scam.

Sports Illustrated: April 22nd, 2013


Obviously, Sports Illustrated rushed to cover the situation in Boston. The magazine switched its cover, collected Leading Off photos and wrote a quick, yet very effective, column on the terror attacks.

What I don’t like, lately, is the new page “The 8 Debate.” It’s just a very basic list. This week’s selection is the 8 biggest busts in NFL draft history. But its so rudimentary. Anyone who knows sports enough to read Sports Illustrated knows the story of Jamarcus Russell of Ryan Leaf or Tony Mandarich. Why not come up with something that provides a little more insight?


Aussie Rules by Michael Bamberger

I didn’t pay too much attention to the Masters this year. I didn’t think that much of the Tiger controversy. I did watch the playoff. I don’t find either Adam Scott or Angel Cabrera particularly compelling. I don’t care that Scott thinks he’s redeemed all of Australia because he succeeded where Greg Norman failed.

Here’s a somewhat funny video, though I think Conan O’Brien has lost quite a bit off his fastball since going to TBS.

Unbreakable by Andy Staples

I am rooting hard for Marcus Lattimore. And it’s all because of this profile of the former South Carolina running back. He seems like a really good guy.

The Next Nats by Ben Reiter

Reiter posits that the Mariners will be the next team to take the leap from also ran to contender, because the Seattle organization is making moves similar to the ones made by Washington in the years before they emerged in 2012. It’s an interesting approach in the early season, when it’s too soon to write about surprise teams or out of the blue stars.

Chris Pronger Has A Headache by Brian Cazanueve

Cazanueve writes about Chris Pronger’s ongoing isssues with post concussion syndrome and a severe eye injury. In a word: terrifying. This guy’s life is essentially ruined.

 The New Silver and Black by Jim Trotter

Am I the only one that sometimes simply forgets that the Raiders exist? If you ask me to name all the teams in the NFL, I’m pretty sure the Raiders will be the last one I name or I’ll just give up after naming 31. I didn’t even know who the coach or GM were until I read this article, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already forgotten.

Point After by Steve Rushin

A pitch perfect take on the Boston bombing. If you read nothing else in the magazine, please read this.

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