Spring Sports Anticipation and Excitement

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Any true sports fan spends most of the year waiting for the spring. Sure, the NFL playoffs and the super bowl are great, but this is just a warm-up to the best time of the year in sport. The spring season is full of both anticipation and excitement. From March Madness to the anticipation of opening day baseball, sports fans might find themselves giddy with excitement.

NCAA Basketball

Nothing describes the spring quite like NCAA Basketball. Starting with the conference championships at the beginning of March and leading into the perfect kickoff for the spring season, March Madness. Not only do sports fans spend the first part of March anticipating which teams will make the “Big Dance” and which will be left out, but they also get a little taste of the madness with the conference championships.

Once the tournament starts, it’s time for huge upsets, buzzer beaters, blowouts, the Cinderella stories and the best teams to go head-to-head. With so much going on, many fans chose between watching multiple games on many different devices, at home or visiting the closest sports bar to get all the action. The tournament lasts a full two weeks and this is just the start of the spring sports season.

The Masters

Shortly after the March Madness tournament ends, all the attention switches to the world of golf for the first major tournament of the year. The Masters is played in April every year and this is by far the biggest golf tournament of the year. With exciting events all throughout the week and four rounds of some of the best golf you’ll see all year, this is a treat for all golf fans in the spring.

NBA Basketball

Just as March Madness ends, The Master begins and the regular NBA season is coming to a close. This type of the year is certainly “trophy time” with a crowned NCAA Basketball Champion (both men and women), a new Green Jacket recipient and the start of the NBA playoffs. The regular season coming to a close means, the best 16 teams will battle it out over the next month for a chance to play in the NBA Finals.

A quick scan of Trophy Central found numerous look-a-likes for fans of the real thing, that hopefully their team of choice will be hoisting this Spring.

Anticipating Baseball

Through this entire season, baseball is in full swing and opening the season. True baseball fans look forward to opening day just as much as a football fan looks forward to the super bowl. This is an exciting time of the year and a new beginning for every team in baseball. It’s time to see how those offseason moves pan out and which teams will take the early lead going into the summer.

There’s nothing quite like opening day in baseball and that first month. The only part of the season more exciting is October, but by then, many teams have been eliminated and many fans disappointed. The spring brings a new beginning for every team, even the Chicago Cubs.

Spring sports are exciting, full of anticipation and perfect for the all-around sports fan. If you love basketball, baseball and golf, you love the spring. It’s a busy season for fans, but well worth taking some time away from work to enjoy it all. The only question lefts now, how will you set up your man cave with enough TVs to keep up with all the action?

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