Aaron Rodgers surprises Packers fans with at home visits

King Ing March 20, 2013 1

Just when you think the world is totally filled with horrible human beings, you get reminded that there are so many strong, inspirational people mixed in. Thanks to the MACC Fund and Aaron Rodgers for shining a greater light on the horribleness that is childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Watch as Aaron travels to surprise three survivors. This totally made my day.




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  1. Mark Smaby March 21, 2013 at 4:11 pm -

    WOW! Growing up a Packer fan during the glory years I was an enourmous fan of Bart Starr, which started from his play on the field, but he grew larger than life after I meet him as a keynote speaker at my Eagle scout banquet and hearing the stories of him as a person. One in paticular I remember, he went across the state and picked up a boy from an orpanage and took him into his house for a real christmas. Bart and Cherry’s neighbor ended up adopting the boy from this visit and being a class act that the Starr’s were, this never made the press.
    As a 2 time cancer survivor, I was completely blown away by Aaron Rodgers in these videos. I always knew he was a special person and this cemented that for me. This world needs more Aaron Rodgers in it and these are the charachter traits that make Bart and Aaron SUPERSTARS to me. Ted Thompson, get Aaron’s contract done so I can marvel at his Quarterback skills and his humanitarian side for the rest of his playing days in Green Bay. If Flacco is worth 21 million a year, then to me Aarons’s worth to Green bay fans is PRICELESS! Get-R-done Ted!!! Thank you Bart for showing me what it takes to be a real man and thank you Aaron for the kindness and dignity you showed the kids in these videos. You are a true role model for my kids and every Packer fan and there children- GOD BLESS YOU!

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