Music Poor, Laker Lure and Connect Four

Justin February 24, 2013 0

I have Johnny Cash on my Ipod, but it’s only there so I’ll look cool if anyone ever looks at my music library. In reality, I skip Johnny Cash every time one of his songs comes up on shuffle.

I am not a country music fan.

But, why not be open to new things? (Our friend, John, has dedicated an entire website to that idea.)

On Tuesday, I went to a big ol’ country music show. A new country station is launching in New York City and they had a series of kick off concerts. More importantly, My friend Izzy had VIP passes because he does business with the company that owns the station.

VIP passes mean open bar and a gift bag. The open bar was awesome. The complimentary gift bag, containing a coffee mug and a baseball cap, was stolen as soon as I put it down and turned around for five minutes.

Here’s who played:

Kix Brooks: (kid tested, mother approved. He’s one of the guys from Brooks and Dunn. I’m not sure which one.)
Lady Antebellum: I knew who they were before I got there. They have that song! I couldn’t remember what that song was, but I knew they had one. Eventually, they played it. They chorus includes the line, “It’s a quarter after one/ I’m a little drunk/ And I need you now.” I pointed out that quarter after one isn’t really that late. Most people don’t get super desperate until 2 or 3. Izzy said, “well, it’s a week night.” That made me laugh
Justin Moore: This guy sounded super generic
Brantley Gilbert: I was told by people at the concert that I would like him a lot. He’s a lot rockier than other country singers. I thought he sounded a little like Bon Jovi. A little bit.
Gary Moore: He came on after a break. By the time he hit the stage, Izzy and I were at a diner 5 blocks away. He had a burger with corned beef on top. I had bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted bagel. Remember, there was an open bar.

And that is my night of listening to country music.

It didn’t work.

I am not a country music fan.

Sports Illustrated: February 25, 2013

Bryce Harper, Baseball, Washington Nationals



For the record, it’s not as exhausting to read an interview with Robin Williams as it is to watch one. The Oscar winner is the subject of Dan Patrick’s “Just My Type” column this week. He’s still unlikable. Just less exhausting.


Chaos Theory by Jack McCallum

I’m glad SI had McCallum tackle the subject of this year’s Lakers. I thought decision to break the article into subsections about each key figure was a smart way of tackling it. I did catch a mistake though. At one point, he says that Jerry Buss acquired Kareem Abdul Jabbar. But, earlier in the magazine, in the Buss obituary, we learned that Kareem was already a Laker when Buss bought the franchise.

Washington’s Monument by Tom Verducci

SI is pulling out all the heavy hitters for this issue. Here’s why Verducci is the best baseball writer. In this profile of Bryce Harper, he manages to mix in the advanced metrics that statheads love, but he doesn’t let them overpower an appreciation of what it’s like to watch Harper play.

The Cat Comes Back by Kelli Anderson

Kevin Parrom is Arizona’s 6th man. He has had a hard life. I haven’t watched enough college basketball this year.

Rondo by Lee Jenkins

Rajon Rondo gets the full profile treatment. He comes off like a weirdo. Dude loves Connect Four. Previously, I’ve read that he was once a champion roller skater. Rajon Rondo is the coolest kid in 4th grade in 1987. I dig the suit he’s wearing in the pictures that accompany the article, though.

Point After by Phil Taylor

At this point, my magazine fell off the rack on my elliptical machine at the gym. So, I never actually read the Point After column. It looks like its about Michael Vick. I probably would have hated it anyway.

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