Internet Dates, All Time Greats and Russian Fates

Justin February 18, 2013 0

“Can I tell her to look at your website?”

That’s what my friend asked me, after telling me she had a woman who she wanted to set me up with.

I said yes.

Was that wrong?

I’m certainly proud of this site. I think, at times, my writing reflects a smart, unique take on the world. It shows my diverse interests in things like books, music and sports. It also expresses my “quirky” and self deprecating sense of humor.

I have been told these characteristics can be attractive to members of the opposite sex.

But, SCP also features pictures of me in teal tennis bandannas and 7th grade mullets and children’s swimmies as I float drunkenly in a pool. It includes countless stories of social encounters which range from awkward to abhorrent. I attack my own readers continually and say terrible things about politicans and celebrities. My writing reveals a life full of sloth and gluttony and probably some of the other deadly sins (certainly not vanity.) There’s also a pretty thorough study of the inner workings of my digestive system. And I have a potty mouth.

Still, I think the good may outweigh the bad. There’s something to be said for being upfront and honest about who you are, warts and all. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I DO NOT HAVE ANY WARTS.)

What would be really ironic, though, would be if none of the stuff I’ve revealed in the past proves to be a problem. What if the real deal breaker is the fact that I’m writing about this right now? What if that’s just too weird?

I guess we’ll see.

Sports Illustrated: February 18th, 2013


I love Brian Cazanueve’s scorecard piece about NHL prospect Seth Jones, who happens to be the son of former NBA player Popeye Jones.  But, it’s an article. The only reason to make it part of Scorecard was because SI wanted the vast majority of this issue to be Jordan-centric.  The magazine’s layout is a small point and story placement did nothing to lessen my enjoyment of the piece,  but I still think it bares mentioning.  It just seems like an odd choice.


Michael Jordan at 50 by Phil Taylor

I like this idea. I like taking the opportunity of Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday to look back at his singular impact on sports and American culture. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this article and about the entire issue.  The individual stories from SI writers about their own MJ memories are cool too.

This Dunk by Lee Jenkins

First of all, I don’t think that’s the proper name of this article. It’s preceeded by a list of 49 reasons “we’ll never forget MJ.” The dunk is number 1.

Lee Jenkins compiled an oral history of Michael Jordan’s victory in the 1988 slam dunk contest. It is, once again, an excellent read. And I say that even though I’ve grown weary of the oral history format recently. Ever since the ESPN book came out a few years ago, every event in pop culture has gotten the oral history treatment. ENOUGH!

50 Through The Lens by Walter Iooss Jr.

I’ve asked before. I’ll ask again. HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE IOOSS?

The Putin Olympics: High Hopes by Alexander Wolff

Interesting fact: Everyone quoted in this article was killed by that meteor that hit Russia on Friday. TRUE STORY!

Point After by Steve Rushin

Reading this is exhausting.


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