Glorious Headgear, Glaring Error and TOO MUCH FOOTBALL

Justin February 10, 2013 1

Internet, I know what you’re thinking.

“Boy, Justin, you are really something special.  The only thing that could make you better would be a customized teal Nike tennis bandanna.”

Well, guess what!

And I know what your follow up question will be.

So, let me just say yes. I did put it on

Sports Illustrated: February 11th, 2013

Jacoby Jones, Football, Baltimore Ravens


Dan Patrick highlights his interview with NFL MVP Adrian Peterson, but features a quote from former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, who discusses Javon Belcher’s suicide. As interesting and uplifting as Peterson’s story is, at this point, its been told time and again. Why not concentrate, instead, on pioli’s experiences with the Belcher tragedy?


Joe Flacco, Period by Peter King

Are you one of the many Sports Illustrated readers who decided not to watch the Superbowl? No? Is it because those people don’t exist? Probably. So, why was Peter King writing for them? What a waste of 8 pages. We don’t need a play by play recap of the Super Bowl

Are You Ready For More Football? by Peter King

No. I am not. In fact, I hated this entire issue of Sports Illustrated. Football is over. There are other sports to write about now.

You Got It or You Don’t by Tim Layden

and I quote:

Consider five quarterbacks between the ages of 25 and 32, with at least four years’ experience as starters, who have never won a playoff game. Cassel, Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bills, Josh Freeman of the Bucs, Tony Romo of the Cowboys and Mark Sanchez of the Jets

Mark Sanchez has won 4 playoff games and been one game from the Superbowl twice. This paragraph came about halfway through the article. I immediately stopped reading when I saw it.

The Yoda of the Yard Marker by Andy Staples

Staples profiles George Whitfield, who has tutored a number of big name QB’s. At this point in the magazine, though, the article could have been about someone I know personally and I would have been bored by it.

Now Comes the Hard Part by SI Staff

SI previews every teams off season. The magazine suggests the Giants not cut Ahmad Bradshaw. It arrived in my mailbox a day after they already had.

Point After by Phil Taylor

I didn’t read it.

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  1. Owen February 14, 2013 at 5:02 pm -

    I noticed the error in the Tim Layden article too (and I’ll be blogging about it at some point), and was checking the Internet to see if anyone else had caught it. Well done, Justin. However, did you notice that it’s wrong for TWO reasons. Sanchez isn’t the only one who shouldn’t be listed as having never won a playoff game. Romo, believe it or not, has one career playoff victory — against the Eagles in the 2009 season. He’s 1-3 in playoff games (and 1-6 in elimination games) in his career. But that’s ONE, not NONE. Come on, Layden, you should have done some simple fact-checking!

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