Watch Juan Manuel Marquez knock out Manny Pacquiao

King Ing December 9, 2012 1

What a KO!!!! Juan Manuel Marquez laid the wood on that punch. You have to wonder if Manny Pacquiao will ever be the same.

Guess that possible fight with Floyd Mayweather lost all its luster.

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  1. Ted Fawler December 9, 2012 at 12:58 pm -

    Man, they all on steroids so I dont see the point of making a big deal/ ALL the ath;etes do it.

    I say let them all dope up because one thing you cannot fake or enhance is your SKILL. Either you can box or you can’t.

    Hopefully they will get manny and floyd together so we can see how that pans out – we seen enough of marquez Thank you.

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