Video Game Tribute by Ohio State University Marching Band

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The Ohio State University’s marching band has long been one of the most respected and popular marching bands in the world. It is always at the forefront of innovations, and it recently had a halftime show that became an instant legend among marching band performances.

During halftime of their game against Nebraska, the Ohio State marching band had a nine-minute show that paid homage to classic video games. It sent a buzz through the crowd, and videos of the show quickly made the rounds of the Internet. The show is the most talked about halftime performance by a marching band in recent years.

In front of more than 100,000 fans, the 225 members of the Ohio State University marching band started off their tribute with a recreation of the classic video game, Space Invaders. The band then shifted position to form the head of Pikachu. The crowd then went nuts when they started playing the Tetris theme music and formed Tetris blocks.

Next, the crowd got even more frenzied as the theme music from Super Mario Brothers started and the band formed the classic question mark cubes from the game. They then shifted to a star and the band started playing the fast-paced star theme music from the game.

The band then played tribute to Halo with its theme music and by forming the word, “HALO.” The crowd then erupted again as the theme music from “The Legend of Zelda” started playing and the band formed the famous Trident from the game. The band formed several more classic pieces from the Zelda games.

Then the band went back to paying tribute to Mario by forming a castle completion stage, complete with a flag running up the flagpole and fireworks.

Pac-Man was next up. The marching band formed Pac-Man chasing a ghost while playing the theme music. They then marched into position to spell out the words, “GAME OVER.”

The crowd erupted into wild applause at the end of the show, and the applause hasn’t stopped. People from all over the world have reacted with wild glee at the Ohio State marching band’s incredible creativity in their performance.

The positive reaction to this video game tribute will likely lead to more marching bands paying tribute to video games with their halftime shows. Fans that want to get see the marching band halftime show at a college football game can use the best interest rates on credit cards to make purchasing tickets affordable.

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