Join my football Fan-cestry team and enter to win Super Bowl tickets

King Ing October 18, 2012 0

Do you want to go to Super Bowl XLVII? Of course you do!

Do you want to hang out with Justin and I in New Orleans? Of course you do!

Well this is how you can make both of those bucket list items happen. SCP has teamed up with P&G to build the ultimate fan experience through a great program called “Fan-cestry.”

This program is a chance for you to show how deep your fandom for football goes. I’ve seen some people do some strange things on Sunday afternoons. Like changing jerseys at the bar when their team is on offense and then to another number when the defensive team comes on the field.

Whatever works for you. Superstition comes in all shapes and sizes.

If this at all sounds familiar or you yourself have your own ritual you need to get involved in Fan-cestry. Have I mentioned you get a chance to win Super Bowl tickets?

If Sports Crackle Pop can get the most amount of signups using one of the many links in this post we can make this a reality. So lets spread the word and sign up. If we happen to win and you  get a pair of tickets I’ll let you buy me a drink on Bourbon Street.

That should be incentive enough. Sign-up now and share your football fandom with the world. CLICK THIS LINK…FAN-CESTRY


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