Disgraceful!! Serbian soccer team and their fans attack and monkey chant the England U-21 squad

King Ing October 17, 2012 0

After the U-21 England team secured a 1-0 victory in the second leg of the European Championship qualifying playoff game against Serbia the scene turned really ugly. Not able to cope with the loss like men, the Serbian players started lashing out at the “Young Lions.” Even coaches joined in on the attack. Just check out the picture above of Steve Wigley getting assaulted by numerous people.

But the thing most nauseating about the incident were the fans and their relentless monkey chants aimed at a few of the England stars. Danny Rose vented his frustration out on a water bottle earning him a second yellow and a game suspension for the opening match of the U-21  Euros. (I hope the red card will be rescinded. Knowing UEFA though, a light fine will be given)

Just appalled that people still act like this around the world. Watch the repulsive actions for yourself.

Danny Rose explains what he had to endure during the game

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