Liam Gallagher and the Bernabeu don’t mix

King Ing September 19, 2012 0

If you may not know Liam Gallagher is a huge Manchester City supporter. So you should find it as no surprise that the musician would travel to Spain to watch his beloved team face off against Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage. What you should be surprised with is the way he acted while at the Bernabeu.

After Edin Dzeko‘s goal gave the English team the lead, the former Oasis frontman was dancing in the aisles and had the audacity to kiss a female steward. When Marcelo knotted the game up a few minutes later things weren’t as great for Gallagher as he threw one of his famous tantrums.

Varying reports have him being kicked out/left on his own after the Cristiano Ronaldo game winner, but I am going to side with The Daily Mail’s story and say he left after Marcelo’s goal in the 76th. No way Madrid fans would’ve been so calm if Real scored the game winner. And now way would Liam be prancing around the stadium if he watched the last five minutes of that game.

Here he is dancing on his way out of the Bernabeu

And just in case you wanted to see the sick ending to this soccer match

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