Floyd Mayweather wins $200k on the Dallas Cowboys

King Ing September 6, 2012 0

All Floyd Mayweather Jr. does is win win win, no matter what. His Billy Walters like streak continues as he wagers a cool $200k on the Dallas Cowboys second half line (+1.5) last night. And like always Tony Romo and his friends made “Money” look good by winning the third and fourth quarter 17-14 over the New York Giants.

Why even step into the ring anymore if you’re this good? You have a winning percentage of 100%.

I’m actually surprised any Vegas casino still lets him on the property to bet anymore. RJ Bell and Krackman tell us tales on what places do to winning sports gamblers.

And what’s up with not risking $220k to win $200k? Who the hell wants to walk around with singles. Chump change.

P.S. I’m being facetious. Anyone can tweet out winning tickets once the game is over and shred the losing ones.

Double P.S. I’m jealous.

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