Even The Losers: Hard Knocks 2012 Week 3

Justin August 21, 2012 0

Now that number 85 got 86’ed, The Dolphins and Hard Knocks needs to find a new center of attention.

How’d they do? Let’s find out

-Sid Rosenberg is the first voice we hear this week. Sid Rosenberg has been fired from multiple radio stations in both New York City and Miami for various offenses, from showing up drunk to not showing up at all to gambling to, most recently, mentioning the name of a handicapper on air during his show in order to clear some debts.

-The conversation between Coach Philbin and Reggie Bush, Karlos Dansby and Jake Long was very interesting. Its cool to see Philbin open to feed back from his veteran leaders. And it’s cool to see the veteran leaders step up. That hasn’t happened so far in the first couple of episodes. In fact, this might be the first time we heard from any of these guys in any detail.

-Reggie Bush seems like a natural Hard Knocks star. He’s the Dolphins’ most talented player. He dated a Kardashian. He has name recognition. What took so long?

-The  Big Weirdo is a GREAT nickname.

-The offensive line coach says, if he plays hard and loses weight, John Jerry could be “one of the best players we have on this offensive line.” Why not aim a bit higher, coach?   “Play hard and you will be among the best players within this group of 5 players.” (While I was typing this, John Jerry threw up twice on the practice field. It sounded splashy.)

-Eric Steinbach shows up in his coach’s office to say he thinks he might have to retire. He gets a couple of days off and returns right back to the office to discuss his situation.  It’s really interesting to hear the conversation be conducted so matter of factly on both sides.

-Rookie show. Ryan Tannehill’s talent is that he went online and posted photos of his teammates next to pictures of famous people? That’s not a talent.

-Hard Knocks is shot and edited very differently this year. There are more musical montage segues than ever before. Is that because there isn’t enough action to fill a full hour every week?

-Dan Campbell is the tight ends COACH? For the first two weeks, I thought he was just a veteran tight end on the team.

-Dick Stockton calls Dolphins’ pre-season games. Earlier this week, BShrek informed me that Sam Rosen calls Bears pre-season games. I wonder how that works. Do the networks distribute the talent or do the individual teams just hire guys?

-In past seasons, I feel like we would have spent more time with players in their off hours.  This time, we just get a quick look at a few players living their lives on their days off.

-Matt Moore handles his “benching” with class and Ryan Tannehill accepts his starting job humbly and respectfully. If nothing else, this is a likable group of guys.

-Maybe Joe Philbin is the break out star. He’s pleasant and meticulous and trust worthy. He has a compelling back story.  He should fuck a Kardashian. It’s the only thing he’s missing.

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