Time To Move On: HBO’s Hard Knocks 2012 Week 2

Justin August 14, 2012 0

The Dolphins made some news this week, but it was off the field. How will HBO handle it?

Let’s find out:


-We open with Miami coach Joe Philbin, reflecting on the death of his own son last year in the face of the news that Andy Reid’s son, Garrett died this week. HBO obviously had to address the issue at some point. This seems like the most appropriate way to do so.

-Obviously, the producers will be looking for new breakout stars this week. Otherwise, Hard Knocks will take a serious step down in episode 3, in terms of compelling personalities.

-Les Brown may be the guy they’re looking for. He has just about zero chance to make this team, but gets highlighted again anyway. But here’s my question about Brown: If he wowed the scouts with his speed and is built more like a wideout than a tight end, why aren’t they trying him at wide receiver?

-Mike Sherman minces no words with the tight end. “You were terrible. I would cut you.” Then the tight ends coach hosts his own meeting. Why does he sit in the back of the room? If he’s addressing his players, shouldn’t he be in front?

-Ryan Tannehill sings “Lean on Me” for his teammates. Is this the Bill Withers original or the Club Noveau remake that hit number one on the billboard charts in 1987?

-David Garrard was probably brought in to be something of a tutor to Tannehill. He shows that he’s living up to the that job by telling the rookie not to dive for extra yards in practice. No reason to get hurt in practice.

-Yup. They shaved a cock into that guys head. It’s very well done. Which ever nameless defensive player did the shaving has a future at the barber shop when his career in the NFL is over.

– Reggie Bush! I absolutely forgot he was on the Dolphins. I bet he wishes he had made his first appearance in Hard Knocks by making a play instead of making up a nickname for a previously unknown player. That being said. 7-11 is a great nickname for a wideout that’s always open. Good job, Reggie Bush

-24 minutes in for Chad Johnson’s first appearance this week. He talks about how other guys get arrested, but he doesn’t. FORESHADOWING!  If Aaron Sorkin wrote such an obvious foreshadowing on The Newsroom, the internet would destroy him for telegraphing his plot. And they would be right to do so.

-O-line coach Jim Turner has a boston accent and is a former marine. He also makes an excellent boner joke after showing his players the Dolphins cheerleaders’ “Call Me Maybe” video.

-I really like the fact that the Dolphins QB’s genuinely seem to like and get along with each other. Even when Garrard is hurt, he’s still smiling in the QB meeting.

-Did Mike Sherman really yell “Dag Nabit!” when Chad Johnson dropped a pass? I thought only angry old prospectors on Scooby Doo say that.

-Great shot of Jeff Ireland by himself, dealing with the Garrard injury.

-It’s not until 49 minutes in that they deal with Chad Johnson’s arrest. And they handle it well. Hard Knocks has managed to turn Chad Johnson back into a person, stripped of the bluster and the persona. He’s just a guy who fucked up and now he’s paying the consequences. And Joe Philbin comes off like a thoughtful man making a tough decision.  TMZ must be appalled.

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