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King Ing August 2, 2012 1

Usually I wouldn’t care about a little skirmish at an NFL training camp, but when it belongs to my beloved Pats I need to post it. I mean when was the last time there was one this big in a Belichick camp?

Guess banging pads with the same guys over and over again wears on you. As it did with Nate Solder and Brandon Spikes at New England Patriots practice.

Solder shoved Spikes while Spikes was on the ground, which led to nearly everyone on the field for the 11-on-11 drill getting involved near the goal line. Tom Brady even held Jerod Mayo from running in, according to’s Mike Reiss, who notes that Dan Koppen was at the heart of two other minor dust-ups, described the Solder-Spikes scene as a “baseball-style bench-clearing situation.” Solder was eventually sent off for a lap, while Spikes briefly left the field with a trainer before returning to practice.”

Look at Tom Brady breaking things up. What can’t the man do?

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  1. nucca chiropractors August 5, 2012 at 8:46 pm -

    NFL is a contact sport, so I believe they’re pretty used to skirmishes already. The Patriots have some of the most professional players in the NFL. Although, do you think these little skirmishes now and then, would impact their play on the field someday?

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