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Guillermo at the NBA Finals

King Ing June 18, 2012 1

It’s been a while since we featured Guillermo on SCP. So when he brought his humor to the NBA Finals media day you know I had to post it

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Tiger Woods goes all Ludacris on cameraman

King Ing June 17, 2012 2

While it seemed like Tiger Woods kept his composure on the course, it was after the round where he seemed to lose his cool

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Celebrity Scenes, Dream Teams and Defection Schemes

Justin June 16, 2012 0

The President of the United States of America, Barack H Obama, was in New York City on Thursday. He visited the World Trade Center site, then attended a pair of fundraisers. The first event

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Fields of Athenry for boxer Andy Lee

King Ing June 16, 2012 0

It was really awesome watching the Irish fans loving their team even during a blowout loss to Spain. Now that they’ve been officially eliminated from the Euro it’s time for these guys to turn

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Irina Shayk heats up the weekend

King Ing June 15, 2012 0

GQ Germany was smart to get Irina Shayk as their covergirl this month. She should have a great time sweating out the match on Sunday as her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo tries to advance to

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2 shirts, 1 LeBron

King Ing June 15, 2012 1

Is this seriously going to be a new trend? LeBron James is wearing a button down underneath a plunging v-neck polo shirt. Gianni Versace is rolling over in his grave On second thought, I actually

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Different Types of Football Betting Odds

King Ing June 15, 2012 0

Football is definitely the sport of the world, with just about every country either following the sport, playing the sport or both. Given the sport’s high presence, it is of course also the subject

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NBATV Dream Team Documentary (Full Video)

King Ing June 14, 2012 0

This is the greatest movie I’ve seen since the Titanic. And now thanks to Jose3030 you can watch the documentary on the 1992 Olympic Dream Team over and over again. If for some reason

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Erin Andrews dancing with Vanilla Ice

King Ing June 13, 2012 1

Vanilla Ice has hit the road promoting his new movie with Adam Sandler called “That’s My Boy.” One of his visits is to the ESPN Campus in Bristol where he took time out to

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Imogen Thomas knows how to use Twitter

King Ing June 13, 2012 0

Posting pictures like this will get Imogen Thomas a bunch of new follows. After all that is the Twitter way

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