I Hate This Commercial: Iced Coffee Edition

Justin June 20, 2012 0

This commercial has been airing in the New York area for the past couple of weeks. It’s 15 seconds long. ¬†I have 15 ¬†questions about it.

1. Where was this filmed? Is that Citifield?
2. Why are both Joe Girardi and Terry Collins wearing their home uniforms?
3. Who is #22 taking batting practice?
4. Is #22 40 years old? He looks really old and out of shape to me?
5. Why is #22 swinging so lackadaisically
6. What’s the deal with the guy swinging the bat up the first base line?
7. Does he weigh 300 pounds? His gut makes John Kruk look svelte.
8. Can you get iced coffees at either Yankee Stadium or Citifield?
9. Those are both larges. Would Mayor Bloomberg approve of either Joe Girardi or Terry Collins drinking such large sugary drinks?
10. Why is this commercial on every 20 minutes on both Yankee and Mets broadcasts?
11. Will it go away after the final subway series game Sunday night?
12. Do they have similar commercials in Boston, where Dunkin Donuts started?
13.Do those commercials feature Bobby Valentine arguing with Kevin Youkillis?
14. What about the Bobby V vs the Boston Media?
15. Why do I spend so much time thinking about these things?

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