Dear Herb Sendek, I’m Sorry I Killed You

Justin May 9, 2012 0

Famed children’s author Maurice Sendak died yesterday.  The news led to an outpouring of emotion all over the place, with people from Judy Blume to Slash remembering the author of “Where the Wild Things Are,” and sharing memories of how his stories touched them as children and parents.

I had a similar conversation with a friend at work. I talked  about how much I loved the book as a kid and how large an impact I think Maurice Sendak had on our society as a whole.  Then i sat back down at my desk to write a radio obituary for the great author.

And I called him Herb Sendek.

File:Sendak illustration.gif

Herb Sendek is, of course, the head basketball coach at Arizona State.  And while he was once named Pac 10 coach of the year and has posted a career winning percentage above .500,  he is not a beloved figure in American pop culture.

But that doesn’t mean he should die prematurely. So, I hope Coach Sendek and his family accept my heartfelt apology. I’m sorry I killed you.


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