Hey SNL, What Happened To The Sportscenter Sketch?

Justin March 11, 2012 0

Late in last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, NBC did a quick studio look-in during a commercial break.

This is what it looked like:


But that sketch never aired. Instead, SNL came back from the commercial break, showed a few seconds of the band playing then went to another full commercial break.  When the show finally returned, they went right to a performance by the musical guest, The Shins.  So what happened? I have so many questions.

 Why does Jonah Hill look so surprised in this picture? Is he being told the sketch won’t air? Who is that person talking to him? Is it John Heder in a wig? Is it Taran Killam in a wig? Is it a producer telling him that the sketch won’t air? Does SNL often decide not to air sketches at the last possible second? Isn’t a ridiculous waste of effort to wheel in a sportscenter set and then not use it? Why did they cut the sketch? Was it cut for time or because it was terrible? What’s the joke? Was it about the Saints bounty story? Was it about Peyton Manning? Was it not about sports at all, but instead, just a bunch of fart jokes on a sportscenter set? Did they tell the audience what was happening? Was the writer of the sketch pissed? What about the Shins? Did they end up playing a longer song to make up for the lost time? How did SNL fill the lost time? They aired two commerical breaks back to back, so where are the five minutes that were supposed to air in between? And most importantly, How quickly did Jonah Hill gain all that weight back?  Jesus.. he’s back to Superbad size.

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