Bru-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ to Puck wit

King Ing February 10, 2012 0

Hockey and hip-hop have come together on The BRU-TANG CLAN’s “Enter The 63 Chambers” FreEP featuring underground rapper Akrobatik.

“In just over a year and a half, Boston Bruin’s Left Winger Brad Marchand has won a Stanley Cup and has become a fan favorite among Boston Hockey fans. His cult hero status as a gritty player who doesn’t take himself too serious has been elevated with the embracing of his popular nickname “Noseface Killah” and his references to his teammates as “The Bru-Tang Clan.”

“The FreEP “Enter The 63 Chambers” (63 coincidentally being Marchand’s Jersey Number and the mirror of Wu-Tang’s debut album title) will be released in late February 2012. The six-songs featured on “Enter The 63 Chambers” are all recorded over classic Wu-Tang instrumentals are surely the first hockey related hip-hop songs ever recorded (true “fight music”); and is a must listen for anyone (regardless if you follow hockey or not) and absolutely has to be heard in order to be appreciated.”

Here is the first release off the EP titled “Bru-tang Clan ain’t nuthin to puck wit.” What do you think?

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