Rocky vs Annie Hall: 24/7 Flyers Rangers Week 3

Justin January 1, 2012 0

Better late than never, I guess.  A combination of early work, busy days and tight tv time means I didn’t get to watch this week’s episode of HBO’s 24/7: Flyers Rangers until Sunday afternoon.

But, it’s been watched. Now, let’s talk about what we saw

-This week’s episode opens with Flyers coach Peter Laviolette finally showing some real fire. His locker room speech, following a lackluster period against Colorado, actually got me psyched up a bit, and I was watching on a couch. He lost it at the end, though. Laviolette’s final statement during the speech is “Let’s play with some jam!” What the hell does that mean?

-The interactions between the coach and Flyers center Claude Giroux were also interesting. It seemed a bit like Laviolette was trying to rush back his star, despite concerns about his post-concussion symptoms. But, on the other end of the spectrum, it seems like Giroux was incredibly hesitant to test out whether or not he had really recovered. It’s obviously a sensitive issue.  Giroux seems to be fine, considering he scored 4 points in his first game back.

-Brian Boyle looks like the actor Eddie Cahill, who played Jim Craig in the hockey movie, “Miracle.”

He also has a gigantic family.

-When he joined the team, Brad Richards introduced the tradition of awarding that floppy black hat to whichever Ranger plays the best in a victory. Its brought the team together. But, that hat must smell terrible. The players are always still sweating from the game when they put it on.

-This was a big week for Laviolette. He went after the Stars’ Steve Ott in the tunnel, then hilariously acted like it didn’t happen when a reporter asked about it.  Then, he laughed about the incident with his coaches when it was shown on a Rangers broadcast they were watching from a bar in midtown.

-Speaking of which, how about the fact that an entire professional sports franchise’s coaching staff can go eat dinner in midtown Manhattan and not be recognized at all? You would think 24/7 alone would have meant someone knows their faces in New York.

-24/7 is at its best when the two teams face each other. This was the case in episode 3. The action became much more intense. Having players on both sides mic’d means you get to be a fly on the wall for every minor confrontation. Flyers rookie Tom Sestito yelling like a maniac at the Rangers bench was interesting. Jody Shelley yelling at Rangers forward Mike Rupp for going after Sestito was even more so.

-Another highlight of this part of the episode was getting to see inside league headquarters where each goal is reviewed. I asked for that during last week’s review. I’ll take credit for the inclusion this week/

-Seeing the players on Christmas was interesting as well. Scott Hartnell apparently lives in the loft from the movie, “Big,” so that’s something. I also liked how the five guys went to Mass together. That was kind of nice.

-The actual Winter Classic is Monday afternoon. I’m curious how much I will enjoy next week’s episode, after having watched the game it focuses on. I guess we’ll see.

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