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Vernon, CT’s Finest

King Ing December 14, 2011 0

Bill Romanowski getting all types of fired up about the Raiders blowout loss to the Packers. Slow down Romo. Don’t hurt yourself

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Justin Bieber just kickin it with Chelsea FC

King Ing December 14, 2011 0

Who would have guessed Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres would pump themselves up with a little Bieber before each match at Stamford Bridge

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Short Circuit, Long Careers and Longer Articles About Stuff I Don’t Care About

Justin December 13, 2011 0

Remember the movie, “Short Circuit?” A robot named Johnny 5 becomes alive and then Steve Guttenberg drives in a van with Ally Sheedy and a guy doing a bad Indian accent. ¬†Also, Johnny 5

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Hockey brawl starring a bunch of 9 year olds

King Ing December 13, 2011 0

They don’t play in Kazakhstan do they? You want to talk trash. Fine, let’s drop the gloves and do this. When I was their age all I cared about was getting ice cream after

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All Tim Tebow does is win

King Ing December 12, 2011 1

This is the only time I can listen to Skip Bayless talk for more than a minute

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Bart Scott sitting on Kenny Mayne’s lap

King Ing December 9, 2011 0

This JCPenney ad is all types of weird. You have Kenny Mayne dressed up as Santa Claus and then Bart Scott sits on his lap saying “can’t wait” over and over. What does this

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Blake Griffin: Professional ping pong player

King Ing December 7, 2011 0

Biggie would probably tell Blake Griffin, “Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns.” As his total run at being a professional ping pong player lasted a grand total of 6 minutes. Actually

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2011-2012 College Bowl Game Gift Guide

King Ing December 7, 2011 3

It is pretty cool that college football players get up to $500 worth of free stuff for playing in a bowl game. Most of the stuff is pretty cool too. From Kindle Fires to

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Chip Kelly just likes to Have a Real Good Time

King Ing December 6, 2011 0

Kegs ‘n Eggs finds this great little video of Chip Kelly shamelessly plugging Dr. Pepper and UPS in his Pac 12 championship post game interview. The corporate name dropping isn’t the highlight though. It

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Teach Me How To Gundy Part 2

King Ing December 5, 2011 0

After Oklahoma St destroyed Oklahoma in the Battle of Bedlam, Mike Gundy reminded us how he likes to celebrate in the locker room

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