Jason Sudeikis Saves

Justin December 19, 2011 0

King Ing and I disagree on things from time  to time. One of the longest standing disagreements is about Jimmy Fallon. King hates him.  I think he’s funny and his talk show is pretty great. Obviously, I’m right. It was proven Saturday when Fallon returned to his old stomping grounds and hosted a GREAT episode of SNL. Every sketch was funny. Apparently, all it takes to make SNL good is to bring back every successful cast member who has left over the past decade. Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and Horatio Sans all made appearances. So did Chris Kattan, but he sucks.

The highlight for me was the last sketch of the night. And lucky for SCP readers, it was sports related.

The sports related fun will continue with SNL’s next live episode. Charles Barkley is back January 7th, to host SNL for the third time in his career. SCP will provide full live coverage.

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