What Are You Wearing? College Girl Edition

Justin November 20, 2011 0

Our nation’s college newspapers are incubators for the next generation of great writers, reporters and cultural commentators.

Ben Whitmore, from Robert Williams University, is clearly one of the brightest lights of this next generation.  As evidence, I present his column, published Wednesday in The Hawks Herald.

It’s title: “When you wear yoga pants, I can see your vagina”


I’ve heard that what I refer to as yoga pants, some consider to be “leggings.” I’ll elimi­nate confusion by offering a Jeff Foxworthy-esque defini­tion: you might be wearing yoga pants if you are wearing form-fitting spandex tights and it is rainy out, or you need a self-esteem boost, or you are fulfilling exhibitionist desires, or you don’t know how else to express your sexuality, or if you are wearing attire that is so skin-tight and so form-fitting that I can see your vagina.

There, I said it.

Yes, ladies of RWU, when you wear yoga pants and your shirt stops at your waist, I can see your lady parts.

What a gentleman! Ladies of RWU, you should be thrilled to have Ben Whitmore on  your campus.  Maybe just go ahead and show him your vaginas.

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