Deadspin Does The Legwork. I Do Some Easy Follow Up

Justin October 27, 2011 1

If you haven’t read Luke O’Brien’s great story about Howie Spira at Deadspin, take a few minutes and do that now.  I read it yesterday, and in my capacity as a radio producer, decided to piggy back O’Brien’s hard work and turn the story into some radio news gold. I emailed Deadspin for permission to use some audio that accompanied the story. Turns out, Spira was still sitting at their office (when you read the story, you’ll see that’s not so surprising,) so he called and offered to do an interview with me.

Here is that interview

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  1. bastar27 November 1, 2011 at 1:15 pm -

    Hope you didn’t give him your home number

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