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Justin October 13, 2011 0

By now, I hope you’ve read the Boston Globe’s postmortem on the Red Sox season. The reaction has been almost universal revulsion, with the vast majority of readers and commentators, from Keith Olbermann to the dreaded Curt Schilling, blasting team owners for taking anonymous shots at Terry Francona as he left the team.

But those are people who are paid to have opinions. What’s a regular Red Sox fan think? I put that question to a couple of friends in an email. It was just supposed to be an email. But the answer I got from SCP reader, commenter and book club participant Kevin was so good, I decided to publish it.

(And the title of this post is a John Updike Reference. Look it up.)

Funny Sports Ecard: Congratulations on your team finishing ahead of the Blue Jays and Orioles.


Kevin’s email:

I don’t even know where to begin with all this.  (just finished writing this whole thing and it quickly turns into a rant, so be prepared)

– That article was gross.  It made everyone but the owners look awful.  Gee…I wonder who the source is??  And I hope they’re happy – because now they look even worse.  Why trash Francona?  Its not like you saying he has a kid in Iraq is going to keep him from getting another job.  Embarrassing.

– If I’m Bud Selig, I’m calling John Henry, Lucchino, and Werner today and telling him to get this house in order.  After watching how one of the marquee franchises (Dodgers) has become a complete train wreck, he can’t be happy to see this nightmare article and what could be the beginning of some bad mojo for the second most important franchise in the league.  Its not like they’re going to run out of money like the Dodgers, but you do not need this franchise to suddenly turn into a laughing stock or embarrassment.

– There is no way John Lackey can be on this team next year.  None.  Between sucking, divorcing his breast cancer suffering wife, and now this – they just can’t bring him back.  I legit think he might get murdered by a fan if he’s there.  At worst – he gets the loudest booing on opening day that this franchise has ever seen.  Even if they have to eat every penny of his salary, its worth it.  He has to go…but he’ll be back because no one will admit they’re wrong.  I’m sure of it.

– Ortiz says he has to think about playing for the Yankees now because the Red Sox are in such disarray.  Go ahead, dude.  F off.  Way to talk about abandoning ship at the lowest point.

– I’ve never been a huge Theo supporter, so seeing him leave is not heartbreaking to me.  He gets a lot of credit for winning it all in 2004 and 2007 – and he should, obviously – but they won in 2004 with a lot of Dan Duquette’s players, and I don’t think Duquette gets enough credit for that.  He also seems to miss out on a lot of the blame for some reason.  To use my favorite new phrase – stolen from Rob Lowe on Parks and Rec – he LIT-RLLY has not gotten a single big name free agent signing right.  Lugo, Renteria, Clement, DiceK, JD Drew, Lackey, Cameron, Crawford, Denks….all stunk.  STUNK.  And then decided not to re-sign Beltre, Damon, Victor Martinez, Jason Bay (who – despite my hatred – was perfect for Fenway). Might be time for some new blood in that job.  They’re just throwing money away on the wrong guys and not keeping the right guys.

– Call Pat Gillick for the GM job.  If he says “no”, hire Ben Cherington immediately.  I don’t know if he’s the guy for the job – I don’t even know who he is, frankly – but don’t do some pathetic “job search” and then hire the guy who everyone says you’re going to hire anyways.  Just hire the guy – have a big press conference and say “this is our man”.

– As far as the manager – who would want this job now?  Watching how they trash the guy who took them to two World Series titles, dealing with the Boston media, a clubhouse full of A-holes and shut-in’s, Carl Crawford’s corpse, John Lackey (because you know he’ll be back despite all logic)…any manager would have to think twice about taking this gig.  I have this nightmare they’re going to end up hiring Tony Pena because he’s the only guy who will say yes.

– Its a good thing I love this team, because if I was on the fence I’d be out.  Its just gross and I’m ashamed.  I can see why John did his Mets boycott last year…this sucks.  And to think – 162 game season…they win one more game or Tampa loses one more game, we’re probably not even talking about this.  I think THAT is what is most messed up of all.

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