Ballad Of A Thin Man

Justin August 23, 2011 0

A few weeks ago, New York Magazine mysteriously began arriving at my house. I never signed up for it, I never paid for it and, as far as I can tell, no one got it for me as a gift. It just sort of happened. And I’m glad it did. I enjoy New York Magazine a lot.

This week’s issue came yesterday. The cover is a picture of Brad Pitt and… who’s that other guy on the cover? IT’S NO LONGER FAT JONAH HILL. But I had to read the caption to figure it out. They’re in “Moneyball” together. Will Jonah Hill still be funny as a svelte guy? I don’t think he can. It’s funny when a fat schlub yells at people and acts overly confident in a crowd to compensate for his big fat self hate. When a thin guy does it, he’s just a dick.

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