Your Fribble Questions ANSWERED!

Justin August 5, 2011 0

Earlier this week, we mentioned John Kerry’s tweet to Chad Ochocinco, suggesting that the Pats’ newest wideout try a Friendly’s Fribble before leaving Massachusetts.

I found it odd that the Bay State’s Senior Senator would identify a  Fribble as the most distinctive of Massachusetts culinary items, especially when you consider the fact that Friendly’s is a national chain.

I also inadvertently broke King Ing’s heart by saying Fribbles are made with some sort of powdered mix, as opposed to traditional ice cream and milk. Today, I piece his heart back together and answer some other Friendly’s based questions, with the help of company spokesperson Maura Tobias


SCP:  I grew up in New Jersey and ate a Friendlys quite often. I’ve also been to other locations all over the country. But, Senator Kerry seems to indicate the restaurant chain is a quintessentially Massachusetts company. Where does the Friendly’s corporation stand? Are you a Massachusetts company which has spread throughout the country or a nationwide chain with roots in Massachusetts?

MT: YES, Friendly’s is a totally homegrown Massachusetts company.  Started by 2 young brothers in Springfield Mass in 1935!  They borrowed $547 from their parents to buy the first freezer!   Our company Support Center is in Wilbraham, Mass and has been since 1960.  We make all our own ice cream, toppings, (you should smell it in here when they’re making fudge!!) etc, in fact, if you order a hot fudge sundae in a Friendly’s the only thing we didn’t make was the cherry!  We are considered a regional company with 490 restaurants up and down the East coast and as far West as Ohio.

SCP: How is a fribble different from a milk shake. Is it made with some sort of “fribble mix” and milk or does it include actual ice cream, either soft serve or hard?

MT: Fribble is made with soft serve and a milkshake is made with ice cream.  They’ve been famous since 1965.

SCP: If Ochocinco were to come to Friendly’s, what flavor Fribble would you recommend? What else should he order?

MT: If Mr. Ochocinco were to come to Friendly’s, and we’d love to have him, he should try a Vanilla Fribble, may sound bland to you, but they’re famous for a reason!  I would also suggest he have a Honey BBQ Chicken SuperMelt, they’re to die for.

Our thanks to Maura for these answers. And congratulations to Friendly’s. We’ve just decided to name them “Official restaurant/ice cream parlor of SportsCracklePop.”


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